Production Process of Galvanized Iron Wire

Galvanized wire is widely used in daily life, especially inconstruction field. But many people do not know how's galvanized wire produced, Let me explain to you now:
Step 1: wire rod material selection . The wire rod is divided into low carbon steel wire rod and high carbon steel wire rod. The diameter is in the range of 5-19 mm (usually 6-9 mm), The wire need to be surface treatment before drawing, this  processes include pickling, washing, phosphating, washing, saponification and drying. This is mainly to remove iron oxide and rust, phosphating, saponification treatment, those process are good for after drawing. The wire mesh industry usually USES low carbon steel wire rod brand Q195.
Wire Rod Wire Rod

Step 2: wire drawing. Under the traction of the winch of the wire drawing machine, the wire rod passes through the hole of the wire drawing die to reduce the section and change the shape, so as to obtain the size, shape and performance that meet the requirements. Drawing is usually carried out for several times, and the surface reduction rate is about 10% ~ 40%. The die used for drawing steel wire mainly includes fixed die, roll die, rotary die, etc. The fixed die is a wire drawing die which is shaped like a round cake and has a hole in the center. The die is fixed in the drawing process. At present, hard alloy die is widely used. In addition to hard alloy, natural diamond is also a mold material. However, due to its scarce resources and high price, it is only used for drawing alloy steel wire and extremely fine wire. Drawing: refers to the process of drawing the 6.5mm diameter wire rod to 3mm / 2.5mm / 2mm. Medium drawing: refers to the process of drawing 3mm / 2.5mm / 2mm wire to 0.7mm / 0.6mm. Micro pull: further pull the wire fine. 
wire drawing machine
Step 3: annealing. Put the drawn low carbon steel wireor stainless steel wire into the annealing pot or furnace, heat it to the right temperature at a high temperature, and then slowly cool it. After taking it out, the purpose of annealing can be achieved. The annealed wire is called annealed wire. 
Step 4: galvanized. There are two galvanized type: electric galvanized and hot dipped. Electro galvanized Also called cold galvanized, it's using electrolytic equipment after degreasing, pickling galvanized wire into the composition of zinc salt in the solution, and connect the cathode electrolytic equipment, across the galvanized wire placed zinc plate, connected to the anode electrolytic equipment, power supply is connected with electric current from the positive to the negative directional movement will be deposited a layer of zinc on the galvanized wire. Electric galvanized production speed is slow, uniform coating, thin thickness, usually only 3-15 micron, bright appearance, poor corrosion resistance. The amount of zinc on ordinary galvanizing wire is usually 8-13 g/m2. 

Production Process of Galvanized Iron Wire
Hot dipped galvanized wire melt zinc ingot after high temperature, and then let the wire slowly through, make zinc adhesion on the surface of the iron wire, galvanized method called hot dipped galvanized, hot dip galvanized wire amount of zinc on: 30-60 grams/square metre. Hot dip galvanized production speed, thick but uneven coating, the market allows the minimum thickness of 45 microns, up to 300 microns. It is dark in color, consumes more zinc metal, forms infiltration layer with base metal, and has good corrosion resistance. The galvanizing quantity of general prep above 100 grams/square metre calls tall zinc, the zinc quantity on highest can amount to 300 grams/square metre.

Hot dipped galvanized wire

Step 5: packing. The main two packing : spool wire and roll wire. Coil wire: we need to confirm the diameter and weight  with the customer, including the inner diameter and the outer diameter, if not specified, generally refers to the inner diameter. 
Packing method of coil wire:w plastic film inside,gunny cloth outside   or plastic film inside, woven bag outside
Inside with plastic film and outside with woven bag Inside with plastic film and outside with hessian

Spool wire: the size of the plastic spool should be check with customer. The weight per spool wire generally refers to the net weight. Plastic spool is also known as plastic spool, spool, plastic reel, plastic i-wheel. 

The whole packing: coil wire can packed together with wooden tray, convenient transportation. Spool wire packaging for carton. 

Galvanized Wire Packaging
Step 6: loading in container . Galvanized iron wire suit 20 feet container. the weight limit cannot exceed 28 tons. Exports to middle eastern countries (Saudi Arabia, dubai,) are more than 25 tons. Exports to African countries (Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia) can hold 27 tons.

Galvanized wire loaded into containers Galvanized wire loaded into containers
Diameter of galvanized wire

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