Some differences in the use of several common welded wire mesh?

 Some differences in the use of several common welded wire mesh? 

There are many types of welded wire mesh. We can classify the welded mesh in different ways. Each type has many advantages. In the process of using welding mesh also has a lot of convenience, and the service life of welded mesh long, cost-effective, so we are very fond of welded mesh.

Welded mesh divided into: welded mesh sheet and and welded mesh coil, the material include black wire, rebar wire, electro gi wire, Electro galvanized after welded, hot dipped after welded. Pvc coated after welded. With the rapid development of society, people's awareness of building the environment and saving energy has also been improved.
Elec-galvanized welding net hot-dip galvanized welding net
pvc coated welding net welding mesh panel

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