Weaving method of stainless steel mesh

(1)Plain Weave(PW)
Plain weave: warp and weft threads are woven at a 90-degree Angle, with each warp thread crossing over and over each weft thread.

(2)Twill Weave (TW)
Each warp thread is crossed over two weft threads and each weft thread is crossed over two weft threads.

(3)Dutch Weave (DW)
Weft wire diameter and weft wire is different, the No also different, characterized by thin weft, thick weft.The length direction is warp wire and the width direction is weft wire.The dense net is divided into tabby weave and twill weave.

(4): Dutch mesh twill weave: 
Each wire crossed in every 2 weft wire up and down, each weft wire crossed in every 2 diameter wire up and down through the weaving way.

(5)Holland mesh with double wire: 
This kind of mesh is very similar to twill Dutch netting, with two weft threads The root, can overlap closely with the meridian.This kind of cloth is used for filtering micron level filtering.

6: Five synthesis weaving: 
This kind of weaving type warp and weft are not selected single mesh but with a few separate mesh woven.This braid provides a stronger stainless steel wire cloth on the basis of twill braid.

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