What kind of column is better when green breed poultry welded netting installed?

 What kind of column is better when green breed poultry welded netting installed?

Installation preferred post is: dovetail post.
Because this post is similar to the appearance of the swallow tail, so called dovetail post. It usually consists of a post, a top cap and a base. Dovetail post is a special post for poultry breeding steel mesh.
dovetail post
here are two types of connection: one is connected with a round plastic clip;

One is to use a special caliper to clip the c-type nail with the mesh plate and the column. 

There are two types of connection between the post and the ground: 
one is that the post has a chassis at the bottom, or the post is inserted into the chassis and connected to the cement member by bolts; 

One is no chassis, embedded in the soil, generally embedded depth of 30-50 cm.

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